What is Procore?

Procore is a leading provider of cloud-based applications for construction.  It is a universal platform that keeps the project team connected from tender through close out.  It is a central place for all drawings, RFIs, submittals, meeting minutes, photos, daily logs, site instructions, contact information, and much more.

How does Flat Iron use Procore?

Flat Iron has clearly standardized, documented and trained processes for how we deliver a project.  What we do, how we do it and who is to do what, is clearly outlined.  However, if we can’t measure what we do, how we do it and who did what, we have only half a system. Procore is the tool that allows us to measure and manage the performance of our system.

How long on average are shop drawings taking overall as a company?  What about the shops on any one project? On average, how quickly are deficiencies resolved?  What trades are the slowest with close out documentation?  You name it – we measure it!

With this level of measurement available at our fingertips, we can proactively identify problems that will affect budget, schedule or overall delivery to a client.  We can fix issues before anyone even knows there is a problem.


Why is Procore Important?

Flat Iron has a culture of continuous improvement.  If we really want to be the best delivery team and the best place to work, we need to have this attitude.  We measure our internal processes and their results, both on a project level and across the company, to determine how we can work better, faster and more efficiently.

Why does this matter to you as the client?  It is simple.  You benefit from the measurement and reporting on the previous 100 projects, just as the next 100 projects will benefit from the measurement and reporting on your project.  We use this information to improve our processes and train our people to do it better than anyone else.