General Contractor

Flat Iron has an unrivaled reputation for completing multi-phased projects on schedule and under budget. Our diverse team is equipped with the skills and technology for full construction, electrical, finishing and millwork services, and will oversee your project from beginning to end. 

With so many people involved in the process, it’s important to keep an open line of communication between all parties involved. We use real-time reporting software to keep everyone on the same page. Important project documents and updates are filed in a custom and centralized construction portfolio. So, whether you’re a client, consultant or sub-trader, you will always be kept in the loop.


Construction Management

Construction management is constant and rigorous, and we know what’s expected. In this role, our focus is to be an integral part of the project team. This requires a deep understanding of a project’s inception and the client’s overall vision. Using our customized three-tiered approach, we are equipped to support all phases of the job:

  1. Pre-Construction: Our goal is to always be ahead of schedule. That is why, at the dawn of a new project, we choose to jump in head first. We work closely with clients to build budgets and timelines that will avoid potential risks. We not only provide a checklist of actions, but also develop an in-depth collaborative review of the client vision and project strategy, so that both the design and construction aspects can operate in harmony.

  2. Construction: With our site team on deck, you can assure that every activity is supervised by professionals. We choose to work closely with the owners, designers, engineers and subcontractors to keep each project on schedule and on budget. We are proud to go above and beyond contracts to monitor external services, such as security or furniture installation, and integrate them into the schedule. Plus, our in-house tradespeople are always available to help!

  3. Close- Out: We take every step possible to make your vision a reality. After your interior project is complete, our comprehensive “Project Close Out Package” will help you make a smooth transition into your new space.



In a design-build model, you take advantage of our skills and experience in strategy, design, and construction from the start of the project.   In the traditional construction model, many individuals are involved with a project at various stages, with little accountability for the overall process. The design-build model ensures that accountability lies with one team to achieve the owner’s objectives on budget, schedule and quality.

In a design-build project, exhaustive consultations between stakeholders are held to find and solve problems before they hit the job site.  Members share a common set of values that they strive to maintain throughout the job.

Our custom design-build process allows us to collaborate with clients in all phases, from budgeting to construction, and ensures that the outcome is in sync with your creative vision.