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NanoStrike is the core, patented technology that powers all Novaerus portable air disinfection devices. Our plasma-based nanotechnology kills all airborne microorganisms on contact providing the first line of protection against viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi

Primary Objective

Our goal is to keep your team safe and healthy. We do this by significantly reducing the chance of transmission of COVID-19 and other harmful viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi in the air. Our solution is scientifically proven to protect the workplace by:

  1. Increasing air changes per hour in office building microclimates.
  2. Killing pathogens, so they don’t cycle through the air.
  3. Preventing settling of live pathogens on surfaces.
  4. Disinfecting workplace air, using proven medical grade air protection.

benefits of novaerus in workplaces

Mitigate against the
likelihood of viral outbreaks at
the office (ex. influenza, norovirus,
coronaviruses, common colds)

Mitigate against
airborne transmission

Fewer employee
sick days

Cleaner surfaces and
healthier workplace

Fresher smelling air with
fewer noticeable odours

Demonstrate care to
tenants and employees

Demonstrate duty of
care to insurers





5.2″ (w) × 11.1″ (h) × 4.3 (d)” – 7.6 lbs

Perfect for small spaces such as a reception desk and individual offices, mobile use.

ACH = 3,000 ft3 / hour



14.4”(w) × 14.4”(h) × 4.5”(d) – 10.4 lbs

Perfect for small to medium spaces such as elevators, washrooms, and meeting rooms.

Permanently install
or mobile

ACH = 10,800 ft3 / hour



19.9” (w) × 39.4” (h) × 18.3” (d) – 112 lbs

Perfect for larger spaces such as construction zone, warehouses, or situations with high risk of infection.

ACH = 32,000 ft3 / hour

Safety + Compliance

Novaerus Air Disinfection Units

  • Listed / Certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
  • CE Medical Device Certification for NV900 model.
  • Health Canada Class 1 Medical Device approved.
  • Manufacturing facilities are audited quarterly by UL/Intertek to ensure to ensure product safety and integrity.
  • Manufactured to IS O 9001, IS O 14001, OS HA 18001 standards.
  • Tested and certified to UL 867 for Electrical and Ozone Safety and to UL 1995 for Electrical Safety.
  • A safety Certification evaluation by UL or Intertek demonstrates a high level of product safety and integrity to protect persons and property against risk of fire, electric shock, and mechanical hazards. Products are tested under both normal.

Kill airborne bacteria, viruses, mold
and fungi while eliminating VOCs.

Novaerus kills 99.9% of airborne pathogens.

Novaerus units are the ONLY medical devices on the market that use cutting edge low-energy plasma technology to disinfect the air.

The non-selective kill technology kills airborne bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi and eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Reduce the bio-burden of airborne pathogens in your office today leading to cleaner air and surfaces without needing to invest in the HVAC system.

  • A fan draws air, including contaminated air, over the plasma coils.
  • The ultra-low energy plasma field rapidly destroys airborne pathogens at the DNA level.
  • Reduces VOCs by breaking molecules into their elements.
  • Disinfected air is emitted from the device.

Protection for every building microclimate


  • Individual elevator riders potentially exposed to air of 400+ people during peak hours.
  • Viral particles can linger in the air and remain infectious for hours.
  • Viral particles can fall and contaminate surfaces.
  • Elevators not connected to HVAC system.
  • Ventilation / ACH values unknown.
  • Small poorly ventilated spaces have the highest risk for airborne transmission.


  • Feces can be aerosolized during flushing and be a source of viral particles.
  • Small high traffic spaces increase the risk of airborne transmission.
  • Many high touch surfaces create a risk of transmission.
  • Viral particles can linger for hours and fall to surfaces if bathrooms are not properly ventilated.
  • CDC’s guidelines for healthcare facility toilets = 10 Air Changes Per Hour (ACH). A normal office bathroom is 2-4 ACH.

Meeting Rooms

  • Visitors introduce risk to office bubble.
  • Speaking and projecting creates droplets and aerosols.
  • Long duration of meetings increases the risk of exposure.
  • Small and poorly ventilated (typically 2 – 4 ACH).

Bold. Open. Community.

Flat Iron Air was born out of a desire to set a new standard in keeping interior construction workers safe, healthy, and efficient during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Like most companies, we started with a focus on personal protective equipment, hygiene, and sanitation. This evolved to a comprehensive search to bring medical standard hygiene, sanitation, AND air quality to construction sites.

With increasing evidence of airborne transmission of COVID-19, we set out to close the loop on infection control. We invested in the Novaerus air purification units for teams on construction sites. The success and positive reception were immediate, and we negotiated to distribute this European product in Canada for high rise residential, commercial and office buildings, schools, and more.


Cleaner air starts today