Build Out Faster at 16 York

No one knows 16 York like Flat Iron. Flat Iron has built out nearly 200,000 SF or 25% of the entire interior space, delivered on time and $500K under budget despite setbacks from the pandemic.

Benefit from Our Learning

You can leverage 200,000 sq ft of lessons learned for your project when you partner with Flat Iron.

Minimal Start-Up Time

Flat Iron has been at 16 York for two years and has an excellent relationship with the landlord, Cadillac Fairview. Having those relationships and that experience means we can start the construction process quicker and get you into your space faster. 

Flat Iron Are Experts in Raised Floors

16 York is built on a Camino raised floor system, which has many benefits, but it also comes with many obstacles on the build-out. Flat Iron is one of the only construction management firms that has been named a certified partner of Camino. By aligning with Flat Iron, you know we will be able to execute the intricacies of the expanded floor system.

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