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Canada Deposit Insurance Company

The Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) is a federal Crown corporation created to protect deposits Canadian's make with member financial institutions in case of their failure.

Interior renovations included a new reception area, offices with PC350 glass fronts and sliding glass doors, two multifunctional meeting rooms with operable partitions and server, copy room, and a secured IT room. Modifications were also made to mechanical and electrical systems, communications cabling and security systems.


Budget< $500,000

Sq Ft5,600


Duration12 Weeks

Design Consultantmodo                    


Contract TypeLump Sum


  1. Stone floors
  2. Mechanical audit


Flat Iron rejected stone flooring upon initial shift and rejected the installation, as there were issues with calibration of the flooring. As a result, all flooring and related subtasks were delayed. However, the client’s move in date was still met through expediting work through evenings and weekends.