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Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions Head Office and Innovation Centre

As industry leaders in change management, sustainability planning, and strategic workplace solutions, Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions (Brookfield GIS) felt the need to lead by example when they were awarded one of the largest facility management contracts in Canadian history. Not only did they need to grow explosively to support the new contract, but they had plans already underway to expand their Head Office to include an Innovation Centre (IC): a living lab where various sustainable innovations could be showcased to their clients.

The IC project meant it was time for Brookfield GIS to put their expertise to the test. If they could help hundreds of businesses function, change, grow, and move, they were confident that they could do the same for themselves and become a shining beacon for ethical, creative, and environmentally friendly workplaces everywhere.

Given an expedited schedule over a comprehensive 10 month timeline, a modified Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Model was utilized. This approach had an added benefit of providing perspectives from each discipline in the early ideation and solution development of the project. All project stakeholders were at the table throughout the entire process, which provided the chance to pull from the greatest ideas and allowed for any challenges to be addressed and resolved as a team. This included regular collaboration with engineering consultants and trades over the course of the project.

Our construction management mandate was to provide a complete fit-out of the Brookfield GIS Canadian Head Office and Innovation Centre over 3 floors.


Budget< $4,500,000

Sq Ft70,000


Duration10 months

Design ConsultantBrookfield GIS

ClientBrookfield GIS

Contract TypeConstruction Management


  1. Client directed a major schedule compression of 2 months
  2. Change Management initiatives impacted lead times resulting in the need to adapt the schedule
  3. Comprehensive and modern advances in technologies required a new generator for the building's power backup and the associated relocation of the primary electrical room to house additional equipment


Project success was contingent on maintaining clear and concise lines of communication between all project team members, the landlord and the various internal client groups. It was also contingent on our team having complete knowledge of the drawings and ensuring our trades had a similarly complete knowledge of their given scope. By taking a 360-degree view, we developed several micro-schedules to communicate the various dependencies to all stakeholders and to ensure construction continued to flow seamlessly. Flat Iron's philosophy of "Communicate First. Construct Second" was exercised daily to ensure the occupancy date was met. Now, over 600 valued employees enjoy the environment and the implementation of Brookfield GIS's new workspace program.