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Managing projects in occupied space

October/November, 2013 - CFM&D - Completing interior construction projects with as little disruption as possible can be a daunting task. Enabling business to continue as usual requires careful coordination to ensure access to facilities while at the same time protecting everyone’s safety.

Successfully managing projects in occupied spaces hinges on thorough pre-planning; clear, ongoing communication between an organization’s facility management and construction teams; and constant attention to details. All team members benefit when the process is as collaborative as possible. The project manager, design team, general contractor, sub-contractors, and the organization’s internal departments – facilities, construction and end-user groups – should be involved from start to finish.

It’s important for the contractor to communicate information on the project’s progress, milestone dates, site conditions and photography to the facilities and construction teams. It’s equally important for these teams to provide feedback on the end user’s expectations, the various site conditions, unique characteristics of the building, health and safety considerations, as well as any requirements from other tenants. These considerations might include access to the building and job site, and product delivery times and restrictions. Sharing information about team member personalities and the successes and challenges of previous projects can also be helpful.

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PostedNovember 2013

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