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Managing asbestos during tenant fit-outs

February 3, 2014 - CFM&D - What is the facility manager’s role in managing asbestos during tenant fit-outs? First, it’s important to explain that there are two classes of asbestos products that were widely used in the past, before their inhalation was shown to cause a variety of diseases. The first class, referred to as “friable,” describes materials that are easily crumbled or loose in composition.

The second class, termed “non-friable,” includes more durable materials held together by a binder such as cement, vinyl or asphalt. Non-friable materials, such as suspended ceilings concealing fireproofing and, to a lesser degree, vinyl asbestos floor tile, are common in office buildings.

The asbestos management plan should include policies and procedures for the abatement. The report finding may affect the design limitations and subsequent interior construction procedures.

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PostedFebruary 2014

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