Our Philosophy is to ensure we establish a cohesive building program. Flat Iron employs best practices to properly manage projects and to motivate our team through the application of current web based tools and technological devices.

Flat Iron’s philosophy meshes exceptionally well with Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). This approach encourages early contribution of knowledge and experience and requires proactive involvement of key participants.

Schedule Management

Real time reporting is an absolute must in today’s building environment. Updating a schedule is imperative as is maintaining effective change logs and site instructions that assist in maintaining construction milestone dates.

Planning And Design

This phase is one of the most critical as it sets the foundation for the project. We consider ourselves part of your team. Our involvement in this phase will save you time, money and avoid potential future pitfalls that could impact the project due to inadequate planning or coordination.

Real Time Reporting

Real time reporting through our construction software provides a framework that is customized to meet your specific needs. Reports, photo documentation and issues are relayed back to our coordination team and documented in the project’s construction portfolio.

This industry specific software is part of the technology toolset that we utilize to ensure that all of our construction documents are managed internally and information is communicated in real time to authorized project team members. This allows all project partners to have seamless access to a centralized source for project documents, photos, contracts, submittals and RFIs for continuous updates on construction activities and project status.

The client, consultants and sub-trades all have access to this software that enables each to monitor and take the necessary actions for their respective activities.

And not to worry, we know confidentiality is of the utmost importance. In terms of security, user permissions are built-in, so our project partners only see what they need to.

Construction and Wrap-Up

We know what is expected. Site management is constant and relentless. Every activity is monitored and supervised by our site team.

Services not within our contract such as security, furniture installation and communications are monitored and integrated into the project delivery schedule.

Our in-house tradesmen help to correct project deficiencies. This includes carpentry, taping, painting and clean up.

Flat Iron has an established target for all deficiencies to go from 97% to 100% completion within 10 scheduled days. For this last phase of a project’s lifecycle, our comprehensive project Close Out package will provide all necessary contact information, warrantees, manuals, training, etc. required for a smooth transition into your fabulous new space.